What is Google Page Rank And How PageRank Works

Google PageRankGoogle is well popular and famous web services based company and Google’s Search engines is one of them with millions daily users and searchers. Almost all the searches are made with different and unique keywords. Google’s daily searches contain 10% – 30% searches with repetitive and approx same matching keywords. But rest of them about  60% – 70% with unknown and first time search keywords known as long tail keywords. But the main question how Google bots and search engine manages daily searches with relevance and give all results an accurate positions as possible. The main concept working behind places results in accurate place known as Google PageRank.

About Google PageRank

As the name PageRank reflect and also believed that its named from the Google’s Founder Larry Page. PageRank is algorithm which was introduce by Larry Page for better results output and to boost SEO power also. In PageRank Every web page got ranking numbers which varies from 0-10 more the ranking number more the web pages preferred by Google Bots. As Twitter Page rank is 10, Google own them at 9, Facebook is also with 9 and so on. Getting Rank between 1-4 need little bit hard work but to achieve more the 5 need so quality and popularity. Now the question comes how to get ranking and on what bases it depends.

Working and Benefits

Google PageRank varies and as well transfer from page to page and site to site. Suppose if any article is publish by small website which have 0 PageRank and another website publish article on same topic which have 4 or 5 PageRank. Then Google prefers to page with 5  PageRank if its provide quality as compare to site with 0 rank. It don’t means that if it has low quality page but having higher page rank then it is not possible to down pages with good quality in search positions.

In simple words these 4 conditions

Good Quality + Higher PageRank = Powerful Output

Bad Quality + Higher PageRank = Little bit Preference

Good Quality + Low PageRank = Better Performance that 2nd but not higher that 1st

Bad quality + Low PageRank = Less Performance

So the main conclusion is if your article and site contains good quality and user-friendly content then PageRank also boost your work.

How PageRank Juice Transfers ? And  Increase PageRank

Google PageRank is totally depend on link building process means more backlinks on page more the SEO performance. To rate seo performance they rates sites by giving points. Suppose you wrote any article related to Cricket Bats then anchor text matter most means If they like you with keyword like Cricket or Bat then links are Good Backlink But if they only use Click here or any unmatched keyword in anchor text then considered as Bad Backlinks.  If any external source link to your article with dofollow that PageRank juice will transfer but if they link with nofollow anchor tag then no PageRank juice will transfer.
PageRank Process

This helps you to under better how page rank is a based relational tag an anchor text. More good links with dofollow. More chances to increase PageRank.

How To check PageRank ?

Their are number to tools and extensions to check PageRank You can choose any of them to check your current PageRank until the next update will be done PageRank remains same. I recommend you to use www.prchecker.info if you are not able to find any tools.
I try to explain all the fact about PageRank in brief. In further articles i will explain all the techniques which helps you to use PageRank as Good traffic booster.